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Testing JUnit 4 Exception Messages

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In previous years, I have tested exceptions in JUnit tests using variations on the

try {
} catch (Exception expected) {
  assertEquals("Invalid Number of Foos", expected.getMessage());

pattern. Various upgrades such as codifying it into an AssertThrows class and checking the correct exception type have helped but it was a pretty ordinary solution.

Changing to JUnit 4 allowed for the annotation below:


… but testing the exception message remained ugly.

JUnit 4.7 has a neat upgrade: testing that thrown exceptions have particular messages.

For example:

public class BuilderTest {
  public ExpectedException thrown = ExpectedException.none();

  public void invalidMessagesShouldThrowAutoPopulateException() {
    thrown.expectMessage("too many autopopulate errors");


It also accepts a Hamcrest-style matcher if you want to do something more complicated.


Written by Trent

February 18, 2011 at 4:19 pm

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